February/March 2004

"The quickest way of ending a war is to lose it."
-- George Orwell

Harmony in Several Hundred Parts
The artist Sarah Sze uses everything from Q-tips to living plants
The Culture of Enterprise
It’s high time we understood profit as an instrument of creativity, not as an end in itself
Where Leaders Fail
The Israeli and Palenstinian people hold the future of Israel in their capable hands
Manufacturing Content
Making money or making meaning with the freedom of speech
Voter’s Blok
Political power of Belgian ethnocentrism
The Crystal Method
Iconic architecture à la Daniel Libeskind has produced some extraordinary buildings. But what kinds of cities will it create?
Not In Our Backyard
Billboards still aren’t welcome in Oakville
Korea’s Dividing Line
Touring the security gap in the world’s most fortified border
The Burning Tip of the Spear
Facing an unexpected guerrilla war in the northern Iraq, what the cavalry wanted most was to get out alive
February/March 2004
MSN Spoken Here
The lingo springing from the computer keyboard is the way we write
The Civic-Minded Sex King
Sex work and policing in Thailand
Hot Zones and Human Clusters
West Nile Virus invades Toronto
Georgia on my Mind
Political upheaval and Georgian tradition in Tbilisi
The Cosmic Geometer
How to measure the shape of the universe
What Franklin Meant
Two conservatives reconsider the president who saved capitalism – and created the American welfare state
Lost in La Paz
In Bolivia, where the past, present, and future collide, nothing – not even prison – is as it seems
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