December/January 2006

"Clean the air! clean the sky! wash the wind!" - T.S. Eliot, Murder in the Cathedral

Schooling: Repeat After Me
Literary Landscapes: A Novel Approach
On the road with Noah Richler
The Greater Goal
To Skate, Perchance to Dream
Ottawa’s ribbon of ice, the Rideau Canal, beckons.
Re: AIDS/Africa
Life is very complicated in Lesotho, where the HIV prevalence rate among adults is almost 30 percent...
Tea of Tranquility
I made a girlfriend a while ago. String, wax, some chemicals.
Breaking Old Ground
How to construct a castle the medieval way: one hand-carved stone at a time.
Silent Takeover
The Eyes of the Tigers
Addicted to Dylan
How many songs can one fan download before the music blows his mind?
America the Beautiful
My first memory of America is driving through the Black Hills of South Dakota on a hot August day in a black Chevrolet Corvair without air conditioning...
A Gentle Revolution
All they wanted was to slow the pace of development in their territory. But by the time their 254-day sit-in concluded, the elders had reshaped the Tahltan Nation
Funny Farms
With the family farm suffering, some enterprising growers are counting on “agritourism” to bring in revenue
Water to Burn
Iceland’s experiment with hydrogen points toward an oil-free world.
The Grizzly Prize
It’s November, book-prize time.
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