September 2006

"I resolve daily that at dusk I shall repent
For a night with a cup full of wine spent."

—from the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam

Domestic Terroir

Domestic Terroir

Will Pinot Noir elevate Canadian wine to world-class status?
Snapshots From Cannes
Where every woman stars in her own movie
Iran’s Quiet Revolution
As the standoff with the United States heats up, Iranians are united on nuclear policy, but little else
The True West, Strong and Free
What will Canada’s richest province do with its new-found power?
Far from Home
Are we alone in the vastness of space? Or is the universe filled with life? After thousands of years of guesswork, humankind may soon know for sure.
Will CANDU Do?
The black sheep of the world’s nuclear-reactor family struggles to compete
The Last Spike
Greening Giant?
A sprawling Indian metropolis spawns an eco-construction trend
The Projectionist
Kendall Messick unearths a subterranean movie house
Straight and Narrow
Homophobia ensnares Uganda’s leading gay-rights advocate
September 2006
The Promise of Beauty
Terrence Malick’s brave new worlds
September 2006 Bibliographies
Under North America
Touchez-pas That Dial
An anglophone DJ charms Montreal listeners, one bungled word at a time
Little Boy’s Family Reunion
The children of Hiroshima visit the unrepentant birthplace of the bomb
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