Oct/Nov 2008

"And then this: my shoulder felt hot. I wasn't going to burn. I was cooking."

--Michael Winter, in "The Incinerator Incident"

Election Day in Chicago

Election Day in Chicago

A photo essay in Chicago, from the South Side to Grant Park on election day.
The First Little Mosque on the Prairie
A Canadianized version of Islam once flourished out west. Can it take root again?
Grim Repo
Speculator behaviour is ravaging cities. Can we resist the hot deal?
Red Dog, Red Dog
Excerpt from Patrick Lane’s debut novel
The Business of Saving the Earth
Ecological economists are assigning a price to watersheds and other biological factories
Letters: October/November 2008
On Marion Botsford’s post-colonial travel writing, the Trans-Canada highway, and more.
Plus, one reader calls us “hip” and “fancy.”
Stephen Harper and the Theo-cons
From the October 2006 issue: the rise of Canada’s religious right.
Our Faces, Our Selves
Self portraits via the police Identi-Kit
Hello, I’m Your Food
Analysing South Korea’s fast food signage
Baffin Island Expedition
Photos from Sept 2-12 aboard the Lyubov Orlova
Monkey’s Lunch
Pounding rounds with poachers turned protectors
Child’s Play
Why hasn’t Quebec re-established a minimum age for employment?
Our Marriage: Annual Report 2008
Message from the President & CEO
Q&A: Paul Gross and Passchendaele
An interview with the writer/director and review of his epic new World War I movie, Passchendaele
Review: The Retreat
David Bergen puts on a clinic
Cross to Bear
Praying for safe passage in Morocco
The Unsettler
Atom Egoyan’s Adoration renews a provocative intellectual vision
Review: Butterfly Mind
Of dictatorships and drinks
The Incinerator Incident
I fell into a burning ring of fire
Review: The $12 Million Stuffed Shark: The Curious Economics of Contemporary Art
Don Thompson’s comprehensive account of the world of contemporary art
You are The Walrus. Happy 5th Anniversary!
Happy birthday to us. And okay, you too.
Neighbourhood Watch
Security strategies for the war zone
Bolivia’s Water Fight
Will violence in Bolivia deny water rights to its indigenous people?
Fired in Stone
A Serbian monk burns through Kosovo
The World According to Škvorecký
With his new novel, the Czech Canadian dissident returns to his past
Bonus Gallery: Our Faces, Our Selves
Online-only bonus: Identify yourself with the Identi-Kit.
Review: Once
Rebecca Rosenblum’s debut collection of stories in a Toronto setting
Chester Brown’s Zombie Romance
Amid zombie crisis, Toronto faces uncertain future
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