Austin Clarke interviews Malcolm X

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This interview, conducted in New York at the CBC Studios in 1963, was the fruitful result of two weeks spent tracking down Malcolm X in Harlem: at the Muslim Restaurant—which does not serve pork: neither ribs nor pork chops!—at Muhammad Speaks, the Muslims’ newspaper office, and in bars and restaurants, where I asked if anyone had seen Malcolm X. And then he called. My reward was an hour of his time. His time was golden. He was a very busy man in 1963, as Minister of Mosque No. 7, and Elijah Muhammad’s right hand man; and this was my first radio interview in my life. I was terrified by the obvious importance of the interview, and more scared when Malcolm X, agreed to the interview...”

(click here for more from Austin Clarke and Malcolm X, including an audio clip of their original interview)

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