Big Ticket


Dave. . . Tow truck operator
Annie . . . Realtor
Billy. . . Biker
The Mayor
Gretchen. . . Mayor’s assistant


Early evening. A grimy auto-pound office-in a trailer. Ambient light through barred windows. Traffic noise from expressway overhead. City sounds, not very far off.

Dave, a big roughneck tow truck operator in biker gear, in his early thirties, is negotiating with annie, stylishly dressed, about the same age. They appear to be strangers.

Annie claims she wants to pay Dave to abduct and terrify her husband. Dave proposes to bring the husband to the auto pound and lock him up in a chain-link cage used for safe storage.

Annie explores the interior of the cage. Dave watches. She’s trying to be seductive.

Annie: So what’s all this going to cost me?

Dave: If I don’t have to break nothin’, five hundred bucks.

Annie: That’s pretty reasonable.

Dave: This kind of thing’s just a sideline for me. Helps me relax. Besides, a pretty woman like you shouldn’t have to put up with assholes.

Annie: That’s very sweet of you to say, Dave. Lock the door.

Dave: What for?

Annie: Lock me in. Just for a minute. I want to know what it feels like to be incarcerated.

Dave: You’re the customer.

He locks her inside.

Annie: Hmmn. This is pretty exciting.

Dave: How so?

Annie: It’s scary really. You hear the lock click and you feel so helpless. You ever bring women here?

Dave: I brought you, didn’t I?

Annie: I mean for pleasure. You ever lock any women up in here?

Dave: We had a woman one time left her kid in her car at rush hour in a tow-away zone with the engine running. Cops took the kid. We took the car. She came down here and bit my dispatcher on the elbow. We locked her up pretty good.

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