Author archive:
Alex Hutchinson

July 2012
The Race against Time
Pushing the limits of brain science could bring Canadian marathoners Olympic glory
December 2011
The Leap
Chris Turner’s new book, reviewed
April 2011
Intelligence Deficit
What will happen when computers become smarter than people?
April 2010
The Puppet Master and the Apprentice
One of the world’s great puppeteers finds renewal — for himself and his art form — in mentorship
January 2010
Faster, Higher, Sneakier
Does Canada’s “Top Secret” sports technology program undermine the Olympic spirit?
December 2009
Mind Over Matter
Keeping a place for thought experiments in an empirical age
November 2009
Global Impositioning Systems
Is GPS technology actually harming our sense of direction?
October 2009
Biblio Tech
The public library takes browsing back from Chapters
April 2009
Perimeter’s Heart
World-renowned physicist and social innovator Neil Turok brings his mission to Waterloo
March 2009
Human Resources
ReCAPTCHA: The job you didn’t even know you had
September 2008
The People’s Court
Doctors are paid for through our taxes. Why not lawyers? Alex Hutchinson examines a case for universal legal care
September 2007
Breaking D-Wave
Has a small business in British Columbia start-up built the world’s first viable quantum computer? NMA nominee: Science, Technology & the Environment
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