Author archive:
Allan Gregg

September 2006
The True West, Strong and Free
What will Canada’s richest province do with its new-found power?
March 2006
Identity Crisis
Multiculturalism: A twentieth-century dream becomes a twenty-first-century conundrum
June 2005
Desperately Seeking Ideas
Politics has been reduced to a guessing game about what voters want. Here’s a thought: how about an election fought on real issues
February 2005
Quebec’s Final Victory
Pierre Trudeau tried to stop a cycle of blackmail, where one province held up the national interest by bargaining solely for its own parish. Paul Martin’s new health accord is an invitation not just for one blackmailer, but for ten.
September 2004
How to Save Democracy
The system is ailing and the disease is cynicism. Perhaps the time has come for a radical new treatment
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