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Andrew Clark

September 2010
The Perfect Partner
Why doubles player Daniel Nestor could be tennis’s greatest hope
June 2008
From the Department of Wayward Copywriting
Got catchphrase?
September 2007
Live from New York
The US Open and the meaning of life
April 2007
Calpurnia’s Thought Record
An Ides of March Walrus web exclusive
April 2007
All the Rage
Come on, get angry
March 2007
St. Patrick’s Day
Tough luck o’ the Irish. NMA nominee: Humour
October 2006
Serve-and-Volley, Anyone?
Once the dominant style in tennis, rushing the net is now a vanishing art
June 2005
Striking Back At The Empire
How comedians throughout history have raged against the machine
February 2005
Missing Marshall McLuhan
January 2005
Hail to the Hicks
How Hee Haw, Red Green, and Corner Gas uphold a grand Canadian tradition
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