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Andrew Mitrovica

October 2007
No Refuge
For challenging a policy that discriminated against certain refugees, a federal employee’s career was ruined. Despite being cleared, he still awaits justice. NMA nominee: Politics and Public Interest
January 2007
Hear No Evil, Write No Lies
Maher Arar was portrayed as a sly fox, a predator working with al-Qaeda. He turned out to be a hare, an innocent family man.
March 2005
Masked Avenger
Meet “John Holloway,” former clown, trucker, drug addict, high-paid crime fighter, serious adrenalin junkie, and—for now—retired undercover agent.
September 2004
Front Man
Grant Bristow kept silent for almost ten years about his controversial work as a CSIS spy in Canada’s neo-Nazi movement. Now, finally, he’s ready to tell his side of the story.
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