Author archive:
Charles Foran

June 2011
How Mordecai Richler taught a generation of writers to think big
April 2011
Yesterday’s Canadian
Letting go of the French-English duality
January 2010
Vincent Lam’s miraculous book goes under the knife for television
September 2009
Alice in Borderland
A trip through Munro country, where the writer became herself
December 2008
Review: <i>Entitlement</i>
Brideshead Revisited and the Flyte to Canada
December 2008
The Last of the Wild Jews
Is it the end of an era for Jewish-American writing?
October 2007
Review — Mystic Trudeau: The Fire and the Rose
October 2007
The Adaptation of Mordecai Richler
More than thirty years after publication, St. Urbain’s Horseman finally hits the screen
March 2007
An American Type of Sadness
US writers keep mining our stuff-packed, consumerist world. Why do Canadians prefer to keep things tidy?
November 2006
A Resonant Boom
How Shanghai’s citizens view their city’s seemingly unending growth.
October 2006
The Paradox of Paradise
Adventures in Waynejohnstonland
March 2006
It’s a Porn World After All
Commercial concupiscence consumes global culture
January 2006
Literary Landscapes: A Novel Approach
On the road with Noah Richler
July 2005
A Civilizing Influence
Tariq Ali’s Islam Quintet paints a softer face on the historical interactions between Muslims and the West
July 2005
The New Word Order
May 2005
The Life Quixotic
Cervantes’ man of la Mancha rides again
March 2005
The Bonfire is Out
January 2005
Burning Man
October 2004
Eloquence Lost
On Abraham Lincoln, The O.C., and the demise of the typographical mind
July 2004
China Beach, Then and Now
April 2004
Why can’t the Canadian dialect match others for sparkle?
February 2004
MSN Spoken Here
The lingo springing from the computer keyboard is the way we write
November 2003
Lingua Franchise
Mat saleh calling it English killer language. Wah. For chiak kantang, salary-men it a bit the different, lah?
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