Author archive:
Daniel Baird

July 2012
Preacher in Practice
Father Thomas Rosica, Catholic priest and smooth media operator, is an expert at spreading the Word
June 2012
Gretta Vosper’s new book, reviewed
January 2012
Apocalypse Soon
Prophecies of impending doom — based on hard science as well as Scripture — abound. Where does our appetite for retribution come from?
November 2011
The Observer, Observed
New Yorker writer Adam Gopnik is an aesthete of the ordinary, and this year’s Massey lecturer
June 2011
The High Ground
Can the faith of Quebec’s Cardinal Marc Ouellet restore the Catholic Church to innocence?
March 2011
Jazz inspired Michael Snow, the most influential Canadian artist of all time, to explore the unexplored
September 2010
City of Cinema
The Toronto International Film Festival’s vaulting ambition to create a world-class centre for film
July 2010
The Enemy Inside
Is the Canadian military prepared for the mental health consequences of our deadliest conflict since the Korean War?
June 2009
Man with a Movie Camera
Canada’s Mark Lewis launches an ambitious (and expensive) project for the Venice Biennale
May 2009
Book Review: <i>Who We Are</i>
A review of Rudyard Griffith’s Who We Are: A Citizens Manifesto
October 2008
Review: <em>Once</em>
Rebecca Rosenblum’s debut collection of stories in a Toronto setting
September 2008
Review: <i>What </i><i>Is </i><i>America</i><i>? </i>
America’s genocidal history, as discussed in Ronald Wright’s new book
July 2008
Sahara Overland
Chris Scott tackles the trackless wilderness
June 2008
Review: An Imperfect Offering
James Orbinski’s life as a humanitarian doctor
June 2008
Eye of the Storm
The quiet force of photographer Larry Towell
April 2008
Spiritual Exercises
Religion remains a powerful force, according to Charles Taylor
April 2008
Book Review: The Toss of a Lemon
March 2008
Book Review: In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts
February 2008
Book Review: <em>The Warhol Economy</em>
November 2007
Review — Uqalurait: An Oral History of Nunavut
October 2007
Review — Safe Haven: The Possibility of
Sanctuary in an Unsafe World
October 2007
Review — Safe Haven: The Possibility of
Sanctuary in an Unsafe World
April 2007
God’s Slow Death
Three atheists argue for reason in the face of faith
January 2007
A Society of Seers
Can Thomas Homer-Dixon’s “prospective mind” help us thrive after global crises?
June 2006
A Storm Blowing from Paradise
Anselm Kiefer’s Heaven and Earth
February 2006
Air Jungen
How one Vancouver artist is breaking down cultural and consumer stereotypes
October 2005
Between the Cross and the Jewish Graveyard
After decades in a fiery cultural forge, Polish art emerged sharp and beautiful. But have the country’s ghosts returned to dull the edge?
June 2005
Trauma Mama
Angry, eloquent, fragile, native artist Rebecca Belmore takes her new work to the Venice Biennale
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