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July 2012
Aw ya, <em>cabelleros y caballeras, rancheros y rancheras</em>, it’s time for a little polling data about everybody’s favourite subject: Canadian literature!
July 2012
A la mémoire de moi-meme et M. De Fenouillet et la burger «W» chez Wendy’s
July 2012
Mon pays ce n’est pas un pays, c’est 100$ pour voir Bon Iver
July 2012
As vast as the vastlands of this vast land, poet, are you to yonder skies,
breads, and local cheeses
July 2012
Topped by a half-pound of maple bacon personally cured by all the
members of Nickelback
November 2011
What Was That Poem?
July 2010
My Life as a Canadian Writer
A suite of poems from The Walrus’s Summer Reading issue
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