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Don Gillmor

January 2012
The Invention of Waterloo
Canada’s Technology Triangle has spawned more than 450 high-tech companies, including BlackBerry pioneer Research in Motion. But it didn’t just happen: an upstart university had the brains to embrace mathematics
May 2010
Red Tape
For Diamond+Schmitt, winning an international competition to design a cultural centre in St. Petersburg was a blessing and a curse
May 2009
That Old Flame
After sixty years, Harlequin Romance books are still enslaving readers. What’s their secret?
July 2008
Shelter From The Storm
Fathers and sons, architecture as refuge, and a family’s great loss
June 2008
Review: Toronto Noir
What seethes beneath T.O.’s cool politeness
February 2008
The Events Leading Up to Sir Norman Foster
A famous British architect, oil barons, an urban vision, and creeping liberalism all meet in Calgary’s downtown. What is the future for Cowtown?
October 2007
What a Season It Could Be...
September 2007
The Last Patriots
Are Norman Mailer and Gore Vidal finally bidding adieu?
February 2007
Once Upon a Country
In Stéphane Dion the Liberals have a new narrator and perhaps a hero. All now depends on the story he tells and how the Canadian everyman reacts.
November 2006
Stop Making Sense
Designers get serious
October 2006
A Billion Little Pieces
September 2006
Domestic Terroir
Will Pinot Noir elevate Canadian wine to world-class status?
March 2006
Hong Kong Goes King Kong
Economic prosperity fuels a rivalry between Hong Kong and Mainland China
January 2006
America the Beautiful
My first memory of America is driving through the Black Hills of South Dakota on a hot August day in a black Chevrolet Corvair without air conditioning...
November 2005
The Second-last Corporate Retreat
Thinking inside the box
October 2005
Who Killed Globalization?
Was it Colonel Bush in the kitchen with a gun? Mr. Nike in the Gym with a blunt instrument? Sir Ralston Saul in his study with a sharp pencil?
September 2005
Dangerous Liaisons
How Hollywood seduced the world, then ate it.
July 2005
My Tennis Game
June 2005
Has Childhood Gone <span class=awol?" />
Both picture books and young readers seem to be disappearing as a new target market takes shape
May 2005
A Very Palpable Hit
Deconstructionists get down on gun deaths
April 2005
Shifting Sands
Canada has plenty of oil, while China and the US are thirsty and desperate
February 2005
Hockey: The Great Literary Shutout
Hockey literature takes a bodycheck
November 2004
A Manual’s Labours
The self-help sex book, like its first readers, has crossed middle age. With Viagra, both get a little lift
February 2004
The Crystal Method
Iconic architecture à la Daniel Libeskind has produced some extraordinary buildings. But what kinds of cities will it create?
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