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Jared Bland

May 2011
Review: Miriam Toews’s <em>Irma Voth</em>
A novel
November 2009
The Year of the Flood
May 2009
Book Review: <i>The Cello Suites</i>
A new book by Eric Siblin
March 2009
Q&A: David Bergen
David Bergen speaks to The Walrus Blogs about his novel, The Retreat
December 2008
Q&A: Joseph Boyden
An interview with the winner of the 2008 Giller Prize
December 2008
Review: <i>The Muskwa Assemblage</i>
Don McKay’s alternative to cow placenta sculpture
October 2008
Preview: International Festival of Authors
Events to see at this month’s IFOA in Toronto
October 2008
Review: <em>The $12 Million Stuffed Shark: <br />The Curious Economics of Contemporary Art</em>
Don Thompson’s comprehensive account of the world of contemporary art
June 2008
Exclusive Bigfoot Interview!
Books blogger Jared Bland delves into the misunderstood man-beast’s new memoir
June 2008
Review: Bottomfeeder
How to eat ethically in a world of vanishing seafood
April 2008
Michael Pollan: Q&A
The Walrus’s book blogger Jared Bland talks with the author of the bestselling In Defense of Food.
April 2008
Book Review: Blackouts
March 2008
Book Review: Falling
February 2008
Civic struggles and the public square: an appreciation
December 2007
Review — <i>White Rapids</i>
November 2007
Review — Arctic Hell-ship: The Voyage of the HMS Enterprise 1850-1855
October 2007
The DiMaggio Index
Lesser-known facts about Joe DiMaggio, the baseball legend who hit in an unbelievable 56 consecutive games in 1941, a major league record.
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