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Jeet Heer

July 2012
From the Middle East, but No Longer of It
Journalists Nahlah Ayed and Kamal Al-Solaylee publish culturally informed memoirs criticizing the rise of political Islam in their ancestral homelands
October 2011
Guess Who’s for Dinner
The Cannibal Spirit joins a long tradition of flesh-eating literature set in Canada
July 2011
Divine Inspiration
How Catholicism made Marshall McLuhan one of the twentieth century’s freest and finest thinkers
March 2011
The Life Raft
Canada Reads is an essential way for publishers to sell books — but at what cost to literature?
December 2010
Mister Nice Guy
Stuart McLean’s kind-hearted universe
November 2010
Review: <em>The Madman and the Butcher</em>
June 2010
Shoah Business
Yann Martel and the Holocaust novel
April 2004
An Introduction to Iconology
February 2004
What Franklin Meant
Two conservatives reconsider the president who saved capitalism – and created the American welfare state
November 2003
A brief history of search engines
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