Author archive:
Jeremy Keehn

June 2011
Nerds on Ice
How advanced stats have brought hockey’s underdogs into the limelight
January 2011
Uncivilizing Influences
What makes a video game “addictive”?
November 2010
Review: <em>Light Lifting</em>
November 2009
The Last Woman
May 2009
Book Review: <i>Diary of Interrupted Days</i>
A new book by Dragan Todorovic
July 2008
Molvanîa: A Land Untouched by Modern Dentistry
Skewering the Lonely Planet style
June 2008
Indexing Trudeau
A tongue-in-cheek examination of Brian Mulroney, author
June 2008
None for the Ages
Can we hope to find the right leader for the times?
April 2008
Death on the Installation Plan
“We’ll consider your contract fulfilled in the event of your death.”
November 2007
Review — Emperor of the North: Sir George Simpson and the Remarkable Story of the Hudson’s Bay Company
October 2007
Tunnelling Through Time
An artistic look at life underground, from the Paleolithic to now.
March 2005
All’s Well That Ends
As The Newsroom enters its final season (again), Ken Finkleman faces his last temptation: being nice.
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