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Ken Alexander

September 2008
Shift Happens
St├ęphane Dion is the anti-Reagan
July 2008
Summer Time
June 2008
Perfecting the Union Versus Packing It In
Obama wants to perfect his nation, Harper would rather his didn’t exist
May 2008
Nothing to Be Frightened Of
Julian Barnes memoir is quite an attention grabber
May 2008
Primary Colours
The US primaries’ moronic inferno: Why can’t Canada have this much fun?
April 2008
In Black Focus
The crisis in Canada’s classrooms
March 2008
Bali Dancing
John Baird embarrasses us again
February 2008
Puzzling Ethnicity
As the debate over “the reasonable accommodation of
minority groups” indicates, diversity in Canada is troubled thing
December 2007
Review — <em>Outside the Wire: The War in Afghanistan</em>
December 2007
Thinking Inside the Big Box
November 2007
From the Inside Out
October 2007
Lapham’s History Project
September 2007
Dog Days and Fall Fun
July 2007
Generation <span class=WWW" />
June 2007
Vive le Saskatoon libre
May 2007
Talk Shop
Opinion and commentary
April 2007
Tree of Life
Opinion and commentary
March 2007
Priming the Pump
February 2007
Nation Proliferation
January 2007
Mood Swing
November 2006
“Chillax, Pops”
October 2006
Life during Wartime
September 2006
The Last Spike
July 2006
A Family Affair
June 2006
The Shrinking News
May 2006
Feng Shui Federalism
April 2006
Election After-Math
The chimeric effect of the polls turned us into strategic voters. The question was how should I vote to avoid this or that.
March 2006
The Empty Middle
February 2006
Two More Solitudes
January 2006
Schooling: Repeat After Me
November 2005
To CBC or Not to CBC
October 2005
Is Osama Winning?
September 2005
What Lies Beneath
June 2005
Missing Mordecai
May 2005
In Memory Of
April 2005
Peace and Order vs. Glorious and Free
March 2005
Natural History
February 2005
Talking Through Divorce
February 2005
Be Prepared
January 2005
A Very Civil War
November 2004
Fall Classic
Facts all come with points of view Facts don’t do what I want them to Facts just twist the truth around—Talking Heads, Crosseyed & Painless
October 2004
Class is Back
September 2004
First Dibs on the 21st Century
July 2004
Election Watch: Buddies in Bad Times
“Those are my principles. If you don’t like them, I have others.”
June 2004
Slippery Slopes
February 2004
Manufacturing Content
Making money or making meaning with the freedom of speech
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