Author archive:
Larry Krotz

June 2008
Poaching Foreign Doctors
Do our development and immigration policies amount to foreign aid in reverse?
May 2008
A Proper Schooling
Canada’s shame through a foreign lens
February 2007
Separate and Unequal
Money for crimes committed at residential schools may be forthcoming, but problems with the reserve system remain
April 2005
Medical Mystery
Kenyan sex worker Hawa Chelangat: still alive, still negative
July 2004
The Downsized Dream Car
June 2004
Houshang’s Promise
He was kidnapped and tortured, his multi-million-dollar business was destroyed, and his family threatened. Now, as a Canadian citizen, Houshang Bouzari is going after the government of Iran through the civil court system
October 2003
Reasonable Doubts
The International Criminal Court is already drawing heat. Is it a triumph, or a doomed proposition?
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