Author archive:
Marni Jackson

September 2010
The Boomerang Effect
How did the forever young generation turn into perpetual parents?
March 2008
Book Review: The Dirt on Clean
October 2007
Review: Late Nights On Air
September 2007
Women on the Verge
In the year of the actress, directors have discovered that women can shape a movie another way: from the inside
July 2007
Bob Dylan Goes Tubing
NMA nominee: Humour
June 2007
June Callwood
A Tribute
February 2007
Veils for Western Women
Beauty burkas and vanity veils. NMA nominee: Humour
September 2006
Snapshots From Cannes
Where every woman stars in her own movie
June 2006
BloodFest ‘06: The May 24th Blackfly Rally
If you can’t beat ‘em, bite ‘em
March 2006
Designs for Dementia
Bookmark it now, before you forget it
January 2006
The Grizzly Prize
It’s November, book-prize time.
September 2005
Sleeping with the Movies
From first dates to film fests, cinema remains a most intimate experience.
July 2005
My Living Media Will
May 2005
13 Reasons For List Lust
Remember: it’s quantification, not quality, that counts
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