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Matthew Mckinnon

July 2012
An Exile on Main Street
K’naan’s World Cup anthem, “Wavin’ Flag,” made the Somali Canadian rapper a global star. Now, with a radio-friendly album, he is chasing mass-market (read: American) success
June 2012
Thieves of Bay Street
Bruce Livesey’s new book, reviewed
April 2011
To Pot
Legalizing marijuana would benefit everyone: cops, taxpayers, and victims of crime. Everyone, that is, but the stoners
May 2010
Almost Famous
At just twenty-three, Canadian rapper Drake is already leagues ahead of those who’ve come before
July 2007
A Gallery of Love Songs, Illustrated
“In the museums of the future, there had better be a place reserved for the mix tape”
July 2005
Torrential Reign
A mega file-sharing protocol called BitTorrent is making the music piracy of yesteryear look like petty theft
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