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Pasha Malla

June 2011
A guide to buying your first home
December 2010
The Question Remains
Lost amid the violence and sensationalism of this year’s G20 summit in Toronto was an issue few wanted to confront: what if the black bloc protesters had a point?
November 2010
Nightmare on George Street
On the hunt for a dream-stalking monster in Newfoundland
June 2010
The Air Strip
Airport body scanners give new meaning to fear of flying
May 2010
Original short fiction
December 2009
The Obstecritic
Some babies of 2009, reviewed
January 2009
A Film for Would-Be Immigrants
“We fade into a blistering sun... which detonates in a BLOOD EXPLOSION”
September 2008
At The Whisky Tasting
Whisky tasting for the professional
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