Author archive:
Randy Boyagoda

July 2009
Spiritual Citizenship
The life and times of Richard John Neuhaus
October 2008
The World According to Škvorecký
With his new novel, the Czech Canadian dissident returns to his past
December 2007
One Hundred Years at Forty
Gabriel García Márquez’s sumptuous and tragic vision of the modern world
December 2007
How to Get a Head
The birth of a dough boy
July 2007
In Paris with Mavis Gallant, Writer
February 2007
Europe’s Original Sin
After a bloody twentieth century, the continent may now be ready to come to terms with its dark history
June 2006
The Possibility of a Pornographic Moralist
Caustic, excessive, self-loathing French author Michel Houellebecq skewers Western civilization
March 2006
Water Spider
February 2006
Rising China, Razing Mao
A searing portrait of the Great Helmsman
November 2005
Ideological Warfare
Why the United States needs opinionated loudmouths
July 2005
Identity Crisis
Turkey’s most famous writer evokes his country’s schizophrenic past and its struggle with Islam’s place in day-to-day life.
April 2005
Cities in a Raw Young Century
Bombay, Tehran, and Prague, in all their madness and excess, refuse to conform to Western notions of the modern city
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