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Stephen Marche

March 2012
That Time We Beat the Americans
A misunderstood moment, now 200 years old, defines us as Canadians. A citizens’ guide to the War of 1812
November 2011
The Meaning of Hockey
Our game is like no other. Nor is its history
November 2010
Lucy Hardin’s Missing Period
An interactive novel
July 2010
A Few Acres of Snow
“After a week of the snow, the man figures he has a story”
July 2010
(N)O Canada!
Is our national anthem worthy of true patriot love?
July 2009
The Crow Procedure
The surgery to give Mr Dapple the wings of a crow was scheduled to take twelve minutes
September 2008
Tom Cruise at Lake Vostok
Researchers in Antarctica find Hollywood ghosts
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