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Which exclusive Seth illustration should become the cover of The Walrus’s 2010 Summer Reading issue?


Illustrations by Seth

The Walrus needs your help. To celebrate our upcoming Summer Reading issue, we’re asking you — the reader — to select the cover for us. Anyone can participate, but we’ll need your email address to enter you in a draw to win fabulous prizes, including a framed print of the victorious cover (retail value $99), a Drawn & Quarterly gift pack, and a one-year subscription to The Walrus.

Internationally acclaimed cartoonist Seth (Palooka-villeIt’s a Good LifeIf You Don’t Weaken) has crafted two whimsical illustrations to choose from. You have until 5:00 pm EST on May 6 to pick your favourite here. We’ll announce the winning voters on June 14th — at which point everyone can check their local newsstands to see which cover design prevailed.

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  • Isaac H

    The umbrella’s cool, but the layout and overall ‘feel’ of the man and bear is just lovely, and so the latter gets my vote.

  • Laura Walker

    love the bear cover

  • Joy

    What a great idea! Kudos to the person on staff who had the ‘brainwave’ to do this contest! The bear appears as if he’s reading the man’s book and I like that. He has a gentle look on his face and looks as relaxed and comfortable as the man with his glass of wine (that’s how I read your magazine). The flowers connect it with springtime. My choice is definitely the ‘bear’ picture!

  • Anne Derkat

    I much prefer the man with the bear

  • Karen Daniel

    I much prefer the woman with the umbrella

  • Josh Ward

    The bear picnic is my pick.

  • Mary-Ellen Firby

    The man with the bear definitely. He looks relaxed sitting on the grass, reading, with a nice glass of wine. I like the bear reading over his shoulder.

  • Kaitlin Stuart

    Hands down – the bear!

  • Urs J. Knobel

    The bear, the bear!

  • Melinda Josie

    Man and bear!

  • Jill Heggie

    I have to go with the majority and vote for the bear!

  • Mary Ellen Morgan

    They’re both cool ideas. I like the character of the bear a lot and the asymmetry of that cover. It has more texture. The cover with the punk woman carrying an umbrella is interesting too. It’s not as dynamic though, design-wise, in my opinion.

  • Kelli

    The goth girl. Obviously.

  • Knowmad

    Yes, the bear idea is cute…too cute. It would be great on a pamphlet promoting child reading, but the cover of the Walrus; I don’t think so.

    The ‘dark’ idea of someone protecting themselves from pervading ‘goodness’ is far more interesting and says something an adult can ponder.

    Ah’m just sayin’.

  • Jayne Cameron

    The man with the Bear is eye catching

  • Michele Champagne

    I’ve never been a fan of democratic design, or the idea of letting people choose their favorites. That’s how focus groups work. And we all know this leads to mediocrity. This is different, however. Because both options are stunning. But just because most people like bears or they like reading in the park doesn’t mean the young girl isn’t the best pick. It just means she’s less cute and safe. It’s a pity Walrus would choose a process like this to make the decisions we trust them to be able to do on their own.

  • Victor Lau

    I vote for the Bear and Man cover. The other cover is neat, but too ‘bright’. The Bear cover just seems more comforting.


  • Tariq Malik

    The reading bear is retro. My vote will definitely be for the punk girl. Great gimmick by Walrus to get us to take a second look at all their covers. Do this more often.

    PS: I voted twice. Hope that count as 2?


  • Don May

    The Bear and Man cover gets my vote.The illustration is a remainder for my better half and I to get an early start on opening up the cottage!

  • Geoff Wozniak

    The bear. The joy of reading just shines through.

    And the character design on the bear is awesome. I want to know more about the bear. The girl with the umbrella is nice as well but the character isn’t as compelling. I feel I know enough about her already.

  • Kris H

    The bear, for sure. The other is a bit bland.

  • Kathleen Chabot

    The bear cover combines two of my favorite things: reading, and the joy of spending time outdoors without the burden of umpteen layers of winter clothing.

  • Suzanne (Chick with Books)

    Love that Bear & Man cover! Such a relaxing image & Wine is a nice touch.

  • Mireille Lapensee

    Such a hard decision, they both look great — but the bear gives it a distinctly Canadian feel — and that’s my vote!

  • Curtis Sullivan

    My two sons (aged 11 & 13), and I, love the man reading with the bear. It conjures summer moments by the lake relaxing with an issue of “The Walrus” in hand. Nice work Seth!

  • Doug C.

    I like the “bear” cover better, but if I had a lot of text to include on the cover, I’d probably go for the “goth girl” cover.

  • Sandra M.

    I love the cover with the bear looking over the man’s shoulder. It’s funny.

  • richard t

    I must admit I love the bear cover too — but my vote is for the umbrella one because it’s just so clever.

  • sgr

    I like the bear cover.

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