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Weekend links no. 39: recommended browsing from the blogroll

Weekend links no. 39: recommended browsing selected from the blogroll

Photo by Sam Javanrouh

Ning Ning from Nuit Blanche 2010” by Sam Javanrouh (Daily Dose of Imagery)

The Mark shares an article questioning the deeply Canadian value of multiculturalism: “The irony is that multiculturalism actually suppresses diversity, because in the name of tolerance we urge people to stay in [ethnic] boxes, and not do anything that might offend others.”Why multiculturalism is bad for society” by The Mark Newsroom (The Mark)

Women are earning a higher percentage of American household incomes than ever before. Hurrah! But the steep gains of the last few years are largely due to men losing their jobs. Oh.Accidental Breadwinners” by Liza Mundy (The XX Factor)

A skeptical response to sex columnist Dan Savage’s “It Gets Better” project, which aims to assure gay teenagers that there’s hope on the other side of the bullying and hurt they often endure: “It sounds really nice and hopeful and all, but personally? Growing up has not magically made my queer teenage anxiety and depression issues go away… But (thank goodness) I’m not alone. A lot of my adult queer friends, of various genders, races, abilities, and classes have a lot of the same issues. Finding a community (in the flesh and online), going to gay events, and starting to write all helped in different ways. But even all of these great things combined do not negate the fact that homophobia, which triggered these young people to take their own lives, will not disappear without a fight.”Response to Teen Youth Suicides: Does it really get better?” by Garçonnière (Shameless)

A law student at the University of San Diego has made an important contribution to the literature on the ethics of sex with robots. His paper’s title? “Blurring the love lines: The legal implications of intimacy with machines.”Law journal paper on human/robot sex” by David Pescovitz (Boing Boing)

Donald Duck Meets Glenn Beck in Right Wing Radio Duck” (via The Atlantic Wire)

“[F]ew Torontonians are satisfied with the way the city does planning… Council’s mandated public consultation process is reactive, confrontational, and profoundly inconvenient… At a lecture at the Jane Jacobs Prize awards a few weeks back, former chief planner Paul Bedford argued that the looming regime change down at City Hall presents an opportunity to launch a more constructive governance debate; he’s right, as Bedford often is, but I’m not holding my breath.”The governance debate we’re not having” by John Lorinc (Spacing Toronto)

“White America, panicked by aging, surrounded by minorities, has gone nuts. That, in a nutshell, was Steven Thrasher’s argument in the Village Voice last week… Thrasher took several pages to lay out his evidence that white America has, in fact, gone crazy, and that it’s a result of demographic changes. But not everyone is convinced.”Have White People Gone ‘Insane’?” by Heather Horn (The Atlantic Wire)

“Disabled people had always been hidden away in the dark corners of society — Ed helped prove that it didn’t take much from the rest of us to given them the chance to lead full, independent lives.”Put This On’s Jesse Thorn remembers Ed Roberts, a pioneer in the fight to secure accommodations for disabled Americans, and, we are told, a badass. (Spotted at Boing Boing)

Novelist Michael Turner reflects on one of the great songs in the history of American folk music: “Follow the Drinking Gourd,” a spiritual whose coded lyrics — “The riverbank will make a very good road / The dead trees show you the way” — told escaped slaves how to follow the Big Dipper and Mississippi River north to freedom.Follow the Drinking Gourd” by Michael Turner (Websit)

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