Walrusmagazine.com Comments Policy

Last revised: August 26, 2010

Walrusmagazine.com encourages all of its readers to comment. We will never censor comments based on political or ideological points of view. Comments may be deleted (without notice) if they include abusive, harassing, or threatening statements or ad hominem attacks. Your IP address may also be blocked.

Letters to the Editor

Commenters who include their emails may be quoted in the Letters section of the print edition of The Walrus (although we will email to check with you first).

You can also email us at letters@walrusmagazine.com, or write to us by post at:

The Walrus
19 Duncan Street, Suite 101
Toronto, ON, Canada
M5H 3H1

Letters may be edited for length, clarity, and accuracy, and may be published in any medium.

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