RBC Visual Art Project at The Walrus

Cover artist galleries with interviews
by Walrus art director Brian Morgan

October 2011

Artist • Scott McKowen
Medium • Scratchboard (Illustration)
Subject • “The Farms Are Not All Right” by Chris Turner

September 2011

Artist • Birthe Piontek
Medium • Photography
Subject • “Life After Death” by Michael Harris

July/August 2011

Artist • Jillian Tamaki
Medium • Illustration
Subject • Summer Reading

June 2011

Artist • Neil Doshi
Medium • Photography
Subject • “Arrival of the Fittest” by Rachel Giese

May 2011

Artist • Johan Hallberg-Campbell
Medium • Photography
Subject • “Notes From Newfoundland” by Lisa Moore

April 2011

Artist • Mathieu Lavoie
Medium • Illustration
Subject • “On the Margins of Freedom” by Atif Rafay

March 2011

Artist • Joanne Ratajczak
Medium • Photography
Subject • “The Long Goodbye” by Katherine Ashenburg

January/February 2011

Artist • Ross MacDonald
Medium • Letterpress
Subjects • “The Lost Canadians” by Grant Stoddard, “The Morgentaler Effect” by Wayne Sumner, “Madam Premier” by Lisa Gregoire, and “Meet You at the Door” by Lawrence Hill

December 2010

Artist • Alana Riley
Medium • Photography
Subject • “Last Stand in Kandahar” by Matthieu Aikins

November 2010

Artist • Joanne Tod
Medium • Painting
Subject • “What Tom Thomson Saw” by Ross King

October 2010

Artist • Andrew Stawicki
Medium • Photography
Subject • “My Dad, the Movie, and Me” by Noah Richler

Essay by Brian Morgan

September 2010

Artist • Leeay Aikawa
Medium • Collage
Subject • “The Boomerang Effect” by Marni Jackson

July/August 2010

Artist • Seth
Medium • Illustration
Subject • Summer Reading (“Canadian Studies”)

June 2010

Artist • Team Macho
Medium • Painting
Subject • “Hockeyland” by David Macfarlane and Michael Adams

April 2010

Artist • Leif Parsons
Medium • Illustration
Subject • “The Human Egg Trade” by Alison Motluk

March 2010

Artist • Grant Harder
Medium • Photography
Subject • “A Tale of Two Cities” by Gary Stephen Ross

Visual art galleries: published in
the back pages of The Walrus

Eli Bornowsky

Artist • Eli Bornowsky
Medium • Painting
Publication date • June 2011

Introduction by Lee Henderson

Tony Romano

Artist • Tony Romano
Medium • Photography
Publication date • December 2010

Introduction by Lee Henderson

Letters and Words

Artist • Micah Lexier
Medium • Text
Publication date • June 2010

Introduction by Lee Henderson

RBC and The Walrus Foundation have partnered to create The RBC Visual Art Project at The Walrus. Through the generous assistance of RBC, this project supports emerging visual artists in Canada by presenting their original work in The Walrus magazine and on walrusmagazine.com. The project is a key part of RBC’s ongoing commitment to supporting art and artists in Canada, and The Walrus Foundation’s commitment to showcasing original art and design.

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