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November 2011
Modern Inconveniences
A design writer and self-confessed slob seeks transformation in a year of living minimally
May 2010
Red Tape
For Diamond+Schmitt, winning an international competition to design a cultural centre in St. Petersburg was a blessing and a curse
September 2009
Almost Grown
Paul Merrick thinks Vancouver is finally outgrowing its architectural adolescence
May 2008
The Earthship Has Landed
Michael Reynolds’ quest for sustainable structures
February 2008
For Everyone A Garden
The failed dream of Montreal’s Habitat ‘67.
Civic struggles and the public square: an appreciation
February 2007
The Other Side of Darkness
Out of the ashes of the World Trade Center comes a new vision for tall buildings in the contemporary world
January 2006
Breaking Old Ground
How to construct a castle the medieval way: one hand-carved stone at a time.
February 2004
The Crystal Method
Iconic architecture à la Daniel Libeskind has produced some extraordinary buildings. But what kinds of cities will it create?
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