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December 2011
Going for Baroque
Last summer, Canada’s National Gallery sparked international debate by displaying a “new” Caravaggio
September 2011
Rude Awakening
Steven Shearer provokes at the Venice Biennale
March 2011
Jazz inspired Michael Snow, the most influential Canadian artist of all time, to explore the unexplored
September 2008
The Renaissance of Cute
How the street brought pleasure back to art — for free
March 2008
Canadian Celebrities, Caricatured
It’s not libel, it’s fun!
A Culture in Exile
Baghdad’s artistic exodus
November 2007
“Scary Dream”
Vivid nightmare vision from Cape Dorset artist
January 2007
Solidarity of the Shaken
Wajdi Mouawad’s theatre of war
November 2006
The Teenage Brain: Illustration Gallery
July 2006
Secret Adventure
A series of illustrations on the theme of “secret adventure.”
June 2006
A Storm Blowing from Paradise
Anselm Kiefer’s Heaven and Earth
April 2006
Natural Anxieties
Why go to a museum to see the sun?
February 2006
Air Jungen
How one Vancouver artist is breaking down cultural and consumer stereotypes
November 2005
Artful Crimes
Curators call it the Lost Museum, a vast fictional place that houses all the artwork ever stolen
July 2004
Cross-Border Shopping
Western curators are travelling the globe to find great art. Are they celebrating other visual cultures, or just hoping to enrich their own?
June 2004
A Dandy for Our Times
Jean Cocteau dined, fought, or collaborated with anyone who was anyone in avant-garde Paris. But his own art was ignored, dismissed as the work of a frivolous queen. A new retrospective hopes to change that
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