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October 2008
How Rehabilitation and Long-term Care affect the Economy?
Café Scientifique, Discussion Two: Should we concentrate on advancing regenerative medicine or should we focus on recruiting and training new health care professionals?
What is the meaning of <i>regenerative medicine</i>?
What does regenerative medicine even mean? Will we one day re-grow a severed head in a sci-fi future?
Traffic Wars: <br />R.E.M. knew it all too well
Everybody hurts in the modern commute. How can we stop the pain?
Alphabet City: Final Discussion and Wrap Up
Can we be optimistic about the recent upsurge in the attention toward ‘where our food has come from’ or is it just another fad that will stop at the next trip to Starbucks?
Melting the Northwest Passage
Global warming has finally opened up the Northwest Passage, a trade route explorers tried (and failed) to conquer for centuries
Alphabet City Discussion Three: Food as a Right
Is access to good food a human right?
Alphabet City Discussion Two: Eat Local
Eat local- a buzzword for wealthy urbanites, or a revolutionary new vision for food? Do we even need to eat local? Skyscraper farming, eating local in Winnipeg winters, artisan farmers: Discuss!
Does FOOD connect us all? How do these connections affect our politics, our economy, our art, our lives?
What does it mean to declare that food connects us all? Or to announce, willy-nilly,
that we need to work together towards a bold new vision of food and food policy, in Ontario and across Canada?
The World Without Canadians - Discussion Contest
Is the land we call Canada better off without Canadians? The first 25 Walrus subscribers* in Canada to participate will receive a hardcover copy of Alan Weisman’s The World Without Us (HarperCollins). Argue your case below!
Quantum conundrum
Should scientific funding emphasize basic research or technological applications? A discussion inspired by Alex Hutchinson’s “Breaking D-Wave” (Sept. 2007)
Are We Alone in the Universe?
Suburban Nation?
Austin Clarke interviews Malcolm X
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