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June 2012
Unless you’ve glimpsed surgery from inside, you can’t know how some things are just too much fun, too ass-grab exciting, to give up
April 2012
Four Stories
“The Life of a Zombie” and other new works
November 2011
This Cake Is for the Party
“The lightest one I could make”
October 2011
The Ring Bin
If these people knew the whole truth, they’d be more than annoyed. They would be outraged, unsettled, struck dumb
June 2011
He stopped and turned to see what the thing in the water was
May 2011
We Come in Peace
Errare humanum est. Perseverare diabolicum. — Zachriel
April 2011
Rome, 1978
There was nothing here for a man like him
January 2011
Meet You at the Door
There was no dodging the voice of the dead
December 2010
Hard Currency
“Alexei hasn’t seen such lovely imperfection in a long time”
November 2010
Lucy Hardin’s Missing Period
An interactive novel
October 2010
She has a tiny gun, an old-fashioned revolver with a sparkly handle like someone dipped it in glitter
June 2010
Do Not Touch
From the author’s new collection, Greedy Little Eyes
May 2010
Original short fiction
April 2010
Adapted from the author’s new novel, Every Lost Country
March 2010
Paul Farenbacher’s Yard Sale
Excerpted from the author’s forthcoming debut collection
January 2010
Breaking Fast
December 2009
November 2009
Noughts & Crosses
An unsent reply
October 2009
Long Live Annie B.
Beware of too much laughter, for it deadens the mind and produces oblivion.
— Talmud
September 2009
Summer of the Flesh Eater
Field notes on the tendency of varieties to depart indefinitely from the original
July 2009
Three Tales of Terror
Three new horror stories by Rivka Galchen, Lee Henderson, and Stephen Marche
June 2009
Water Everywhere, 1982
An excerpt from Lisa Moore’s new novel, February, published by Anansi.
May 2009
The Intruder
A suspenseful new short story by Craig Boyko
April 2009
The Whole Story
“What I wanted was for an idea to seize me, to arrive as expected”
March 2009
A new short story by David Bergen
January 2009
Two Fables
Two short stories by Goran Simic
December 2008
Feel This
A new short story from the author of The Law of Dreams
October 2008
Red Dog, Red Dog
Excerpt from Patrick Lane’s debut novel
September 2008
Tom Cruise at Lake Vostok
Researchers in Antarctica find Hollywood ghosts
July 2008
The Eagle Has Landed
Two operatives seize the road: The alternate universe of Cheney and Bush
June 2008
Where Are The Men?
“I imagine myself putting my hand on that policeman’s holster and pulling out his revolver.” A short story.
May 2008
An expanded version of Ali Riley’s award-winning story, excerpted in the May 2008 issue
April 2008
November 2007
Show me Yours
September 2007
Mont Royal
July 2007
The Counterpart
The Principles of Exile
October 2006
The Smell of Smoke
June 2006
What He Saw
March 2006
Water Spider
February 2006
Barnyard Desires
January 2006
I made a girlfriend a while ago. String, wax, some chemicals.
November 2005
Miss You Already
July 2005
Franklin’s Library
June 2005
If Things Happen for A Reason
April 2005
October 2004
Samson and Delilah
July 2004
An African Sermon
Live Large
April 2004
What We Are Capable Of
November 2003
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