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Field Note

September 2012
Jungle Guardian
A superhero assumes the fate of the Congo
June 2012
Is Cadborosaurus for Real?
The British Columbia Scientific Cryptozoology Club thinks so
Mission Possible
A bohemian church plant takes root in downtown Vancouver
May 2012
Weird West
Exploring the world’s sci-fi capital: Vancouver
Hurricane Surfing
Nova Scotia’s free surfers search for dangerous waves — and keep them secret
April 2012
After the tsunami and three decades of civil war, Sri Lanka’s president is pouring development funds into his home district of Hambantota. But what about the rest of the country?
March 2012
Jewels of the Nile
In Luxor, foreign women with cash to spare find younger men for marriage — and more
January 2012
His Share
A Libyan Canadian leaves behind university life to join the revolution
October 2011
The Idea of North
At a college in upstate New York, a band of outsiders share an esoteric interest: Canada
July 2011
Regal Steps
Inside the English country dance scene, where the most intimate contact occurs between the eyes
December 2010
The New Expats
Many Somalis came to Canada looking for a better life. They found it back in Africa
November 2010
Lest We Forget
Is the Royal Canadian Legion fighting a losing battle?
Nightmare on George Street
On the hunt for a dream-stalking monster in Newfoundland
October 2010
The Trapline
Canada’s founding industry makes a comeback
July 2010
Up, Up, and Away
Artists who want to make it go to Europe or the States. The others head north to Dawson City
June 2010
Cold Blood
Since 2002, Alberta’s wild horses have been picked off with brutal abandon. Who is responsible?
May 2010
Invasion of the Killer Bugs
A team of entomologists defends Canada from foreign insect species
April 2010
Hedonic Indicators
Bhutan takes the next step in democratizing happiness
March 2010
Law of the Jungle
A new free trade deal implicates Canada in Peru’s Indian Problem
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