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Field Notes

November 2009
Virtual Emigration
Faced with hard times, Icelandic architects are finding work in Canada
October 2009
Gaga For Gags
Behind the scenes of Canada's hidden-camera hit, Just for Laughs Gags
June 2009
Chop Chop Square
Inside Saudi Arabia’s brutal justice system
The Peace Plus One Social Club
Inside the budding Chinese environmental movement
May 2009
Walk to the Black Rock
Montreal’s Irish community remembers its dead
Chop Chop Square
Inside Saudi Arabia’s brutal justice system
April 2009
Love and Rockets
An India-Pakistan wedding, briefly interrupted by fighter jets.
December 2008
The Birdman of Hastings Track
Pigeon pursuit in the Lower Mainlands of BC
Tiger Balm
Nirvana amid the jungle cats of Bangkok
Twilight in Tacheles
A legendary East Berlin art collective, fifteen years on
Word is Born
A new tongue emerges from Kenya’s cabdrivers
October 2008
Fired in Stone
A Serbian monk burns through Kosovo
Cross to Bear
Praying for safe passage in Morocco
Neighbourhood Watch
Security strategies for the war zone
Monkey’s Lunch
Pounding rounds with poachers turned protectors
September 2008
Bomb That Brush
Renegade retirees
Close to the Bone
Searching for justice in Colombia
Squashing Ducks
Globalization gone awry
Do Avatars Dream of Electric Streets?
A virtual fantasia of China
June 2008
The Other Side
Fiji, folks, and fun
Spoiling for a Fight
Guatemala’s sailfish hunters at sea
Arias of Darkness
Setting Joseph Conrad’s classic novel to music.
Tour of Duty
Getting the hell out of Kabul: a Canadian soldier’s guide.
May 2008
A Proper Schooling
Canada’s shame through a foreign lens
When Guns Are Silenced
A mourning mother’s peace mission
All In The Famiglia
Cracking omertà in Calabria
Free Delivery
Birth in the Americas’ poorest country
April 2008
The Greens Forest
Vancouver Island’s slow food rebirth
Close to the Noise
Motorcycle nostalgists in China
Itfar at Damascus Gate
Digging in for a Ramadan feast
Kultur, Jammed
Paraguay’s holdout German colony
March 2008
Separation Anxiety
Caring for civil war survivors in Somaliland’s only mental hospital
Digging for Paradise
The world’s oldest temple offers a glimpse of the Garden of Eden
Flyby Justice
A day in Nunavut’s circuit court
Trailer Cash
Key West’s mobile home crisis
February 2008
¡Viva El Status Quo!
Peru’s new social divide
Salaamese Fire Drill
A Tanzanian driving lesson
Guns and Roses
The leafy legacy of World War II
Golf is Great
Afghanistan’s embattled country club
The Windy Necropolis
Want to know how a city used to work? Talk to the dead
December 2007
How to Get a Head
The birth of a dough boy
Keeping the Beat
Music and mourning in Ghana
If It Bleeds Like a Duck...
A Laurentian twist on a French delicacy
Making Red
A mystery in colour
November 2007
On Moving Ice
Surviving the polar summer
With a Light Steam
Getting sweaty with a Russian hulk
Pan Handling
Going for gold the old-fashioned way
The Spinach Armada
How the North gets its groceries
October 2007
Buzz and Bastards
A close encounter with Jean Chrétien
Campesino Justice
A Mexican experiment that went too well
Island Hideaway
The last days of a one-time leper colony
The Show Must Go On
Qatar’s expats confront tragedy
September 2007
Creative Destruction
The bright side of roadwork
Rebel Spell
Life after marriage to one of Africa’s most wanted men
No Place for a Honeymoon
Midsummer in the Georgian mountains
Moving for Mitt
Utah’s dance craze
July 2007
Dreaming a New Myth
A lost jungle cave reveals a secret
Cowboy Camp
Novelist Guy Vanderhaeghe saddles up
June 2007
Permanent Ways
Riding the midnight train to Moscow
Holy Intercourse
An Egyptian professor dispenses her sex advice to the Arabic-speaking world
All That Glitters
From jagged crevice to jeweller, Afghan gems travel a perilous path
Advanced Search
A real-life Google query goes awry
May 2007
The Sopranos of Gaza City
The outlaw Daghmash family seek revenge against Hamas
Suburban Renewal
A French architect remodels public housing, and perhaps the presidency
Animated Discussion
An unsettling evening of candour at a Japanese jabber joint
Run of the Isle
The long race for real estate in Canada’s smallest province
April 2007
Better Red, Then Dead
Can a plan to divert the Red Sea save the Dead — and offer new hope for peace?
Cubic Connection
A reclusive amateur geometer who hates numbers receives a visitor
Lords of the Lobby
What does it take to join the hotel industry’s elite?
Monumental Vibrations
A blind man listens to the world’s longest song
March 2007
Selling on the Sly
Earning a living on the streets of Turkey’s largest city is getting tougher
Hail to the Hammer
Ancient ballads get the Viking heavy-metal treatment
Abalone Vice
Shady diving expeditions and missing shellfish have put DFO’s team on high alert
February 2007
Arctic Cabaret
When you hail a taxi in Nunavut’s capital, you’re in for quite a trip
Against the Grain
At an international cook-off in Sicily, judging couscous proves a rough business
Dem’s Fightin’ Birds
In Guyana, manliness is measured by the sweetness of a sparrow’s song
January 2007
Everybody Comes to Kim’s
The bomb may be straining relations on the Korean peninsula, but at least these diners will always have Beijing
Sea-Crossed Lovers
The story of a mixed Turkish-Greek romance builds a bridge across the Aegean
Let There Be Light
An Alpine town reflects on plans to brighten things up
Come On Down!
A Winnipeg boy waits for the payoff on The Price is Right
November 2006
The Frozen Zoo
As species disappear, natural history’s future is put on ice
Scarce Heard Amid the Guns
Does Canada’s war museum say enough about peace?
Keeping Everest Honest
Elizabeth Hawley, arbiter of Himalayan glory and shame, calls it like she sees it
Banking on Catastrophe
Beneath an Arctic island, the seeds of a postapocalyptic garden lie buried
October 2006
The Human Library
A Dutch project lends the term walking encyclopedia new meaning
Guerilla Frogger
An independent scientist sticks his tongue out at Costa Rican conservation efforts
Ming, eh?
Claims of a pre-Columbian Chinese settlement in Cape Breton Island raise eyebrows
Welcome to Cairo! Where Is Your Wife?
In Egypt, most displays of man-on-man affection aren’t what you might think
September 2006
Little Boy’s Family Reunion
The children of Hiroshima visit the unrepentant birthplace of the bomb
Greening Giant?
A sprawling Indian metropolis spawns an eco-construction trend
Straight and Narrow
Homophobia ensnares Uganda’s leading gay-rights advocate
Touchez-pas That Dial
An anglophone DJ charms Montreal listeners, one bungled word at a time
July 2006
My Doomed Voyage
High School Confidential
Driving Lessons
June 2006
Crescent Schools
Super Mario’s Temple
May 2006
Unsafe Grounds
In the Shadow of Doom
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