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July 2010
The Enemy Inside
Is the Canadian military prepared for the mental health consequences of our deadliest conflict since the Korean War?
April 2010
The Human Egg Trade
How Canada’s fertility laws are failing donors, doctors, and parents
March 2010
Real Magic
At a special weight loss program for men, the author discovers that the only way to stop overeating is to start believing
November 2009
Global Impositioning Systems
Is GPS technology actually harming our sense of direction?
January 2009
Do You Know What You’re Eating?
Canadians want labels on GM foods. But would we understand them?
Getting It, Together
A path to mental health recovery in Toronto
December 2008
Selective Testing
Does Big Pharma stand to gain the most from new genetic tests for drug therapy?
September 2008
Cellphone Games
Does radio frequency radiation pose a cancer risk? Researchers in the largest study to date won’t say
April 2008
Unsafe Practices
Can the Masai reconcile tradition with the realities of HIV?
December 2007
Rat Trap
Why Canada’s drug policy won’t check addiction
April 2007
Forgotten, But Not Gone
Can the Conservatives’ new plan solve the long-neglected problem of chemical pollution?
March 2007
Blood Simple
Cord-blood stem cells save lives. Why aren’t they readily available to Canadians?
April 2006
The Cost of Care
Unable to meet rising costs, the rural doctor becomes a vanishing breed
March 2006
The HIV Resurgence
Complacency is proving deadly in the fight against HIV/AIDS
February 2006
The Virus in You
Why are so many new strains targeting humans?
Not in Our Backyard
Avian flu is attacking Thailand’s free-range culture
Waiting for the Pandemic
Health officials around the world struggle to contain the avian flu virus
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