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International Affairs

April 2012
War Games
Soldiers, not peacekeepers, are the heroes of the new Canada. How 9/11 changed the way we talk about our troops — and how we see ourselves
March 2012
When the World Was Watching
As the Mandela era is overtaken by African politics as usual, a Canadian diplomat shares his personal account of the end of apartheid
May 2011
The Only Risk is Wanting to Stay
Colombian militias are clearing civilians out of the countryside and into gang-controlled slums, to the benefit of foreign corporations. Is this really the ideal free trade partner for Canada?
December 2010
Last Stand in Kandahar
Can the military’s massive counterinsurgency gamble salvage the Afghan war?
July 2010
Where Ghana Went Right
How one African country emerged intact from its post-colonial struggles
June 2010
Immature Design
Canadian foreign policy has become a mishmash of conflicting priorities and half-baked initiatives. Can it be fixed?
July 2009
The Case for Europe
As Europe swings to the right, BBC journalist Nick Fraser asks: is the EU worth saving?
June 2009
No Small Mercy
How a Rwandan genocide survivor made peace with the man who almost killed her
Waiting for a New Day
Scenes from Afghan life in wartime
May 2009
No Small Mercy
How a Rwandan genocide survivor made peace with the man who almost killed her
April 2009
Goodbye, Guantánamo
A photo gallery from the US military base in Cuba
December 2008
The Archipelago of Fear
Are fortification and foreign aid making Kabul more dangerous?
September 2008
A Land Apart
Can Turkey fulfill its promise as a bridge between East and West when its own peoples stand divided?
June 2008
Poaching Foreign Doctors
Do our development and immigration policies amount to foreign aid in reverse?
Extraordinary Chambers
Who will be convicted of the Khmer Rouge’s war crimes?
December 2007
Mission Not Yet Accomplished
How Iraq figures in Big Oil’s dreams
Road of Fire
The war in Afghanistan will be won or lost on Highway 1
June 2007
A Russian Tragedy
Once soulful and historic, the Russian village is dying. Will the state survive?
May 2007
The Hamas Dilemma
With all eyes focused on Palestine, will the Islamic Resistance Movement choose violence and ideology or pragmatic rule?
January 2007
Stars Above Africa
Celebrities have thrown their arms around Africa. Has the continent benefited from this awkward embrace?
November 2006
The Conspiracy Against Africa
Africa is a mess and it’s not going to get better any time soon.
September 2006
Iran’s Quiet Revolution
As the standoff with the United States heats up, Iranians are united on nuclear policy, but little else
July 2006
The Long Walk of the Kuchi
A nomadic tribe confronts the latest chapter in Afghanistan’s tumultuous history
February 2006
Bolivar’s Ghost
Widespread discontent swept leftist South American governments into power. Will it now sweep them out?
A City Without Men
Fearing death or imprisonment, Iraqi men flee their cities leaving wives and daughters to fend for themselves
October 2005
Containing China
The United States is drawing a military noose around China, and India is glad to help. But is anyone considering the possible consequences?
June 2005
The Peace Wager
As the killing in Darfur continues, the question arises once more: why can no one stop it?
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