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September 2009
Alice in Borderland
A trip through Munro country, where the writer became herself
Jack Kerouac: Québécois?
The Americas Society divvies up a literary icon
June 2009
Canadian Primal
Five poet-thinkers redefine our relationship to nature
April 2009
Not-So-Mechanical Worlds
Struan Sinclair bridges the gap between print and virtual reality
December 2008
The Last of the Wild Jews
Is it the end of an era for Jewish-American writing?
October 2008
The World According to Škvorecký
With his new novel, the Czech Canadian dissident returns to his past
July 2008
Africa’s Latin Quarter
Despite bleak poverty, Mozambique’s multi-ethnic literary culture thrives
July 2007
In Paris with Mavis Gallant, Writer
June 2007
Verse and Versatility
Central America’s poets confront the era of globalization
July 2006
The Ends of the Earth
The literature of two island outposts, Newfoundland and Tasmania, has captured the international imagination
June 2006
The Truth about Lying
Everybody does it, and perhaps they should
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