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May 2012
The Last Post?
As Canada Post wrestles with its bottom line, a letter carrier addresses the nation
March 2012
The Missing Piece
A son’s cross-border search to find the war trophy that may have killed his father
December 2011
In December 2008, al Qaeda captured two Canadian diplomats and their driver in Niger. In an excerpt from his new book, A Season in Hell, the author recalls 130 days trapped in the Sahara
September 2011
Goin’ Down the Road
In which the writer recalls a lifetime of Trans-Canada road trips, first with her parents, then with her family, and, with her nest now empty, alone with her husband. Is this the end of something or the beginning?
April 2011
Yesterday’s Canadian
Letting go of the French-English duality
March 2011
The Archivist
How I found Stieg Larsson’s inner sanctum
December 2010
Approximate Directions to a Burial
A son retraces his father’s death
November 2010
The Sophisticate and the Simple Ones
The allure of the dancing Na Nach of Tel Aviv
May 2010
The Flight Album
When in doubt, there’s always New York
December 2009
Zero Sum
In implementing zero tolerance for sexual abuse, has the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario become a source of harm to the patients it’s trying to protect?
October 2009
Cause and Effect
Fetal alcohol syndrome is preventable, incurable, and surprisingly common. Still, it brought me Boop, who has redefined my life
July 2009
Sibling Rivalry Redux
As parents grow old, the children who care for them don’t always grow up
March 2009
House of Snow
A memoir of whiteout in Newfoundland
July 2008
Shelter From The Storm
Fathers and sons, architecture as refuge, and a family’s great loss
December 2007
Test of the Heart
This is the story of a heart operation. It’s also the story of a marriage.
November 2007
Through Darkness and Light
Exhuming the ghosts of war in England and Greenland
March 2007
We Want a Black Poem
In search of an interview with James Baldwin, a young Canadian immigrant experiences the intensity of Harlem in the 1960s, and ultimately finds Malcolm X.
February 2007
Ringo’s Drum Roll
(or, lessons in living on a modest talent)
July 2006
Swimming with Mao
By the time I left China, I had either thrown away or lost my childhood collection of memorabilia from the Cultural Revolution
My Life with Tolstoy
It was an ill-advised journey. You don’t go to Jamaica in August unless you grew up there. Too hot. And those roosters.
The Changeling
On top of the TV there was a picture, colourized and framed, of baby Gail sitting on my father’s knee, with her name printed in the top right corner: Gail Gallant at 3 months
October 2005
Taming the Monster
How a son learned to live with the death of his father
January 2005
God in a Pickup Truck
September 2004
Killing Dinner
Adventures of a reluctant huntress
June 2004
The Book of Bob
It’s been said my grandfather helped build modern-day Korea. He left a subtler kind of legacy for me
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