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National Magazine Award Nominee

December 2007
Unlimited Editions
A collector’s obsession with award-winning books. NMA nominee: Arts & Entertainment, Still-life Photography
November 2007
The Archetypal Walrus
Reflections on robbing the dead. NMA nominee: Best Short Feature
Camels in the Arctic?
Climate change as the Inuit see it: “From the inside out.” NMA nominee: Politics and Public Interest
October 2007
No Refuge
For challenging a policy that discriminated against certain refugees, a federal employee’s career was ruined. Despite being cleared, he still awaits justice. NMA nominee: Politics and Public Interest
Dominick’s Fish
The things we leave behind when we die. NMA nominee: One of a Kind
July 2007
Bob Dylan Goes Tubing
NMA nominee: Humour
June 2007
The weak get even, and the great get over it. NMA nominee: Best Short Feature
Oasis of Hope
Love, sex, and a mid-life crisis at a Tijuana cancer clinic. NMA nominee: Health and Medicine
May 2007
A Pianist in Rwanda
A University of British Columbia music professor brings the Western classical canon to Kigali. NMA nominee: Travel
Life on Nut Island
With four strokes of a pen, Ontario police officer Ron Heinemann set in motion the disbandment of an elite crime-fighting unit. NMA nominee: Investigative Repoting
April 2007
The Man on the Island
NMA nominee: Fiction
Driven to Distraction
How our multi-channel, multi-tasking society is making it harder for us to think. NMA nominee: Science, Technology & the Environment
March 2007
St. Patrick’s Day
Tough luck o’ the Irish. NMA nominee: Humour
Snail Males
Why are men falling behind in universities while women speed ahead? NMA nominee: Illustration
A House Divided
A young writer takes a surreal road trip through Israel and the West Bank in search of a legendary house where an Arab and a Jew live together in peace. NMA nominee: Essays
February 2007
Veils for Western Women
Beauty burkas and vanity veils. NMA nominee: Humour
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