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January 2011
The Return of Gold Fever
One of Canada’s pre-eminent photojournalists explores one of man’s oldest obsessions in the heart of the Brazilian Amazon
Portraits of Women in Nunavut
A special companion to Lisa Gregoire’s “Madam Premier”
November 2010
Manitoba, Bolivia
Life in a remote Mennonite community continues in the aftermath of a scandal
June 2010
Home Free
A federal resettlement program for Burmese Karen sees 4,000 refugees starting new lives in Canada
April 2010
Dark Element
A Ukrainian prairie city built in the Soviet era to supply ore for nuclear weapons reckons with the industry’s deadly legacy
January 2010
In the Clearing
Revisiting his hometown in a photographic series of miniature dioramas, the artist presents life and death in northwestern Ontario, writ small
November 2009
As President Calderón’s war on drugs exacerbates Mexico’s drug wars, Canada turns its back on locals looking for a way out
October 2008
Our Faces, Our Selves
Self portraits via the police Identi-Kit
February 2008
Photo Gallery: Cities on the Prowl
Ten of Canada’s best photographers on the urban prowl
December 2007
To Die For
Activist design collective Fabrica uses icons of consumer culture to contrast lives in the affluent West with those in war-torn Darfur
November 2007
Growing Up in Cambridge Bay
October 2007
A Portrait of HIV/AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa
An online photo essay presented in sponsorship of
March 2007
The Last Lumberjacks
Times change for Quebec loggers
January 2007
Our Weekly Bread
Around the world in many meals
January 2005
Inside a Different Kabul
Seven portraits from post-Taliban Afghanistan, photographed by Ahmet Sel
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