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September 2012
Trust Fund
June 2012
Hoffos at MOCCA, Hester at ACCA
Return to Metcalfe Street
May 2012
Lunar Innuendos
You Ask Your Father What a Lease Is
April 2012
The Sevendogs Psalter
“I’ve just now got wind of a fox…”
Life Is a Carnival
March 2012
Bee in Aster
Baffled in Ashdod, Blind in Gaza
Different Sides
January 2012
There’s Where the American Helicopters Landed
The Coming Sixth World of Consciousness
December 2011
Charlie Brown
November 2011
What Was That Poem?
October 2011
Ossian’s Folly, Black Linn Falls
September 2011
I Understood Our Time Was Running Out
For Julie
June 2011
After Arriving Home and Reading Your Letter from Port Said
May 2011
April 2011
Dogwalker’s Law
March 2011
Underwhelmed, if that’s a word
January 2011
Civil and Civic
December 2010
The Trick
November 2010
October 2010
Dying in Winnipeg
September 2010
Cottage Country
June 2010
Sin of Omission
From the forthcoming collection, Folk
May 2010
Dear Updike
April 2010
I Am Happy to Live in an Age of Plenty
Al and Me
Remembering Canada’s most famous poet ten years after his death
March 2010
For the Fighter Pilot Made Redundant by Unmanned Drones
January 2010
December 2009
The Museum of Sound
September 2009
The Piñata
I As In Justice
A new poem by Mary Jo Bang
July 2009
Louis Slotin You Will Not Turn Forty
A new poem by Michael Lista
June 2009
Crossing the Dezadeash, Haines Junction
A new poem by Jan Zwicky
May 2009
A new poem for The Walrus by Barbara Nickel
April 2009
A Warbler At My Window
A poem in The Walrus, by John Pass
March 2009
Some Other Just Ones
A footnote to Borges
January 2009
Dream of the Last Shaker
We stream into the meetinghouse through two doors like twin cords...
December 2008
“Grabbing you on the steps of the New York Public Library...”
July 2008
To Darwin in Chile, 1835
June 2008
Each Mortal Thing
May 2008
Je vous attends
April 2008
Two Cowboys
March 2008
February 2008
Bird City
December 2007
Two Sonnets
October 2007
The Eyes Have It
Oh Canada (as sung on Vancouver Island)
September 2007
Song for the Song of the Loon
July 2007
The Mall
Big Paw
June 2007
Summer Solstice
May 2007
April 2007
March 2007
As a storm-lopped tree
February 2007
Quick Ghazal
While Waiting for Kate in the Tim Hortons, Rideau Centre, February 11, 2006
January 2007
Song for Herzog and the Dancing Chicken
October 2006
from Sinistrae/fragments
September 2006
Under North America
July 2006
How I Became Exquisite
from A Little Useless Geometry & Other Matters
A Song for the Yak
April 2006
And Flickering Tethers You to Me
February 2006
July 2005
Bluing Green
à la manière de Miles Davis
The Twentieth Time
June 2005
Lament for Federico García Lorca
Among a Lot of Poems
May 2005
A Picture By Brueghel: Landscape With Icarus Falling
(contra Auden)
April 2005
March 2005
Le Nom De L’Anonyme
February 2005
from Hand Luggage. Three excerpts from a memoir-in-verse
from Hand Luggage. Three excerpts from a memoir-in-verse
from Hand Luggage. Three excerpts from a memoir-in-verse
January 2005
A Lilac Begins To Leaf
November 2004
Rains Rain
The Sleepers
October 2004
January 20, 2003
September 2004
I’m Going To Read Three Poems
July 2004
Cashew #4
Lake Shore
“The cliché is your enemy.” –from a handbook on writing
April 2004
The Night Watch
Canada & its place in the world. Published by
the non-profit charitable Walrus Foundation
The Walrus SoapBox
The Walrus Laughs
Walrus TV