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September 2011
The Jihadi Hunter
Provocateur Tarek Fatah wants Canadian Muslims to embrace progressive, secular values. His fans think he’s a hero; his critics think he’s exploiting anti-Islamic sentiment
June 2011
The High Ground
Can the faith of Quebec’s Cardinal Marc Ouellet restore the Catholic Church to innocence?
May 2011
Passed Over
In modernizing the Seder, are we losing touch with Judaism?
April 2011
Mosque Makeovers
Reimagining a sacred space
September 2009
Showdown on Scott Road
Socially progressive Sikh youths fight for change at one of the Lower Mainland’s biggest temples.
July 2009
Enter The Holy Now
How African Pentacostalism is commercializing global Christianity
Spiritual Citizenship
The life and times of Richard John Neuhaus
October 2008
The First Little Mosque on the Prairie
A Canadianized version of Islam once flourished out west. Can it take root again?
September 2007
Spain’s New Muslims
Converts have become the agreeable face of Spanish Islam
June 2005
Under The Sheltering Crescent Moon
Can our nation’s multiculturalism embrace Islamic radicals and reformers?
April 2005
‘Til Decree Do Us Part
The Catholic Church holds traditional marriage sacred, but it’s handing out annulments by the thousands
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