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June 2011
Climate Controlled
How do we regulate the weather-changing technologies of geoengineering?
April 2011
A Political Meltdown
For decades, Canada has been a world leader in the production of medical isotopes. So why did the government announce that it was dumping the entire program?
April 2009
Perimeter’s Heart
World-renowned physicist and social innovator Neil Turok brings his mission to Waterloo
May 2008
Merchant Scientists
How commercialization is changing research in Canada
November 2007
Linnaeus Canadensis
Almost 300 years ago, the great Swedish naturalist sent an acolyte to discover Canada’s flora and fauna
September 2007
Breaking D-Wave
Has a small business in British Columbia start-up built the world’s first viable quantum computer? NMA nominee: Science, Technology & the Environment
November 2006
The Teenage Brain
Why adolescents sleep in, take risks, and won’t listen to reason
June 2005
Totally Genius
The smartest scientists in the world still haven’t solved a basic question: are minds like Shakespeare, Mozart, and Einstein born or made?
April 2004
Mapping the Blues
Looking for the dark, hidden pathways of depression.
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