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May 2009
Are We Safe Yet?
Eight years after 9/11, Canada is still far from secure
July 2006
A Very Dark Place
In the panic after 9/11, Canada enacted anti-terrorism legislation that curtailed civil liberties in favour of national security. Faced with American pressure, is the Harper government poised to go even further?
March 2005
Coalition of the Sort-of Willing Canada Iraq Police
On a US base in Jordan, Canadian cops are training new Iraqi police officers for an impossible assignment
September 2004
Tortured Civilizations: Islam and the West
In the brutal aftermath of the war on Iraq, a genuine clash of civilizations has emerged. Could it have been avoided?
Front Man
Grant Bristow kept silent for almost ten years about his controversial work as a CSIS spy in Canada’s neo-Nazi movement. Now, finally, he’s ready to tell his side of the story.
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