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Sporting Life

September 2009
The Boys of Autumn
A Tiger-Cat childhood
June 2008
Geared Up
On the road to two-wheeled transcendence. One man’s love affair with his bicycle
May 2008
Grounds to Pound
Mixed martial arts fights for legitimacy
March 2008
How the National Football League hides the violence and racial conflict of the game
October 2007
Was Joe DiMaggio’s fifty-six-game hitting streak the greatest feat in all of sports or merely a product of its time?
February 2007
First on the Hill
The story of modern skiing owes much to Quebec’s Laurentians
January 2007
5, 6, Pickup Sticks
Hockey at its best is a cool, clear night, an outdoor rink, and a gaggle of strangers.
October 2006
Serve-and-Volley, Anyone?
Once the dominant style in tennis, rushing the net is now a vanishing art
February 2006
Dream Genes
If you can’t beat ’em at the Olympics, try manipulating your DNA
January 2006
To Skate, Perchance to Dream
Ottawa’s ribbon of ice, the Rideau Canal, beckons.
November 2005
Never on the Rocks
An American oenophile’s guide to curling in Canada
September 2005
Foreign Billionaires Bring English Football to World, Agony & Ecstasy to Fans
If this keeps on, we’ll end up with the ground full of football tourists
July 2005
My Tennis Game
June 2005
To Catch A Fish
The perfect escape is just a gasoline slick away for the dedicated urban angler
April 2005
Marathon Man
At age 74, Ed Whitlock is one of the fastest men on earth
April 2004
A Concise Guide to Birdwatching
What to know before you go
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