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September 2012
The Ace Age
Tennis pro Milos Raonic has poise, drive, and a killer serve. Is that enough to make him a superstar?
July 2012
The Race against Time
Pushing the limits of brain science could bring Canadian marathoners Olympic glory
March 2012
Seeing Red
No other sport reveals a country’s soul as well as soccer does (yeah, we said it, Don Cherry). So what does our neglect of the beautiful game say about us? A patriot explains why it should be Canada’s national sport
November 2011
The Meaning of Hockey
Our game is like no other. Nor is its history
July 2011
The Pain Principle
Cyclist Ryder Hesjedal is one of the best athletes in Canada. Can he suffer enough to become the best in the world?
June 2010
A lifelong fan finds himself at hockey games in America’s sunbelt, and understands for the first time the consequences of the nhl’s expansion south. The game we think is ours... isn’t
January 2010
Faster, Higher, Sneakier
Does Canada’s “Top Secret” sports technology program undermine the Olympic spirit?
September 2008
Sink or Swim
Pierre Lafontaine’s bid to revive Swimming Canada
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