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Summer Reading

July 2012
And They Danced by the Light of the Moon
There are some people who know when they are in love, and there are some people who don’t. Jules was the type of person who knew when he was in love. Manon was the type of person who did not
Aw ya, <em>cabelleros y caballeras, rancheros y rancheras</em>, it’s time for a little polling data about everybody’s favourite subject: Canadian literature!
A la mémoire de moi-meme et M. De Fenouillet et la burger «W» chez Wendy’s
Mon pays ce n’est pas un pays, c’est 100$ pour voir Bon Iver
As vast as the vastlands of this vast land, poet, are you to yonder skies,
breads, and local cheeses
Topped by a half-pound of maple bacon personally cured by all the
members of Nickelback
Niska is trying to tell Xavier something from far away, something important. She’s done this before
I Dream of Zenia with the Bright Red Teeth
Long ago, when they were all a lot younger, Zenia stole a man from each of them. Then she died. Now she’s come back. Or has she? There’s more than one kind of ghost
July 2011
The Cat
According to Kathleen Winter’s guidelines for composing a short story
The Rules of Engagement
According to Sarah Selecky’s guidelines for composing a short story
The Performer Speaks to Her Perfect Apprentice Beneath the Arches
According to Michael Lista’s guidelines for composing a poem
Madame Poirier’s Dog
According to Alexi Zentner’s guidelines for composing a short story
The Scarborough Bluffs
According to Damian Rogers’ guidelines for composing a poem
July 2010
My Life as a Canadian Writer
A suite of poems from The Walrus’s Summer Reading issue
Su-Na, Bird
“The last of our kind came into the city tonight”
“You really want to be a frickin’ hoser, eh?”
Billy Bennett
“Bill Bennett has a criminal record”
A Few Acres of Snow
“After a week of the snow, the man figures he has a story”
Say the Names (after Al Purdy)
“Something I’ve been meaning to tell you”
“Then he kissed me, and the kiss was like spinach to Popeye”
Waiting for God
“I was curious to know which God this man was evoking”
The Kit Bag
“His dog barked briefly to announce a car”
“What do you think Conrad Black is doing right now?”
Canadian Studies
New fiction by Lisa Moore, Linden MacIntyre, Rawi Hage, Heather O’Neill, Zsuzsi Gartner, Stephen Marche, Michael Winter, Miguel Syjuco, and Madeleine Thien; with poems by David McGimpsey
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