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September 2012
Teenage Dreams
After twenty-five years, Degrassi remains popular culture’s most honest depiction of teen life
June 2011
Immodest Activities
With Wipeout Canada, we finally have our own garish game show
March 2011
Man of Enterprise
The weirdness of William Shatner
January 2011
Craving Corrie
Coronation Street — the quintessentially British soap opera that turns fifty this year — attracts 1.3 million Canadian viewers a night. Why?
January 2010
Vincent Lam’s miraculous book goes under the knife for television
November 2009
Boys in the ’Hood
Countdown to Liquor Day marks the end of the Trailer Park Boys’ ten-year run. How did creator Mike Clattenburg turn white trash into comic gold?
September 2009
Point of No Return
Making Canadian television drama worth watching remains a challenge
April 2009
Cashing In
With a new series on Showcase, Aboriginal humour is going mainstream
October 2007
Wire Transfer
David Simon’s The Wire is at the vanguard of a storytelling revolution that is changing the way we watch TV
February 2006
Les Trash
Tawdry television offers a worm’s-eye view of la belle province
March 2005
All’s Well That Ends
As The Newsroom enters its final season (again), Ken Finkleman faces his last temptation: being nice.
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