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January 2012
Beyond the Fringe
The Edmonton festival has launched a thousand careers — and has arguably corrupted a generation of performers
September 2011
Dead White Guys
European classics still dominate Canadian theatres
May 2011
Play Mates
Kim Collier and Jonathan Young, the couple behind Vancouver’s Electric Company, find solace on the stage
May 2010
Such Stuff as Dreams Are Made On
At eighty, Christopher Plummer, who’s spent most of his life outside the country, is still a Canadian icon
April 2010
The Puppet Master and the Apprentice
One of the world’s great puppeteers finds renewal — for himself and his art form — in mentorship
July 2009
Head and Heart
Director Robert Carsen brings a Canadian temperament to the world’s great opera houses
March 2009
Divided Souls
For director Daniel Brooks, life and work are one
April 2008
Riel’s Prophecy
The new confidence of Aboriginal theatre
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