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Visual Art

September 2012
Southern Exposure
MASS MoCA has launched the largest exhibition of Canadian art ever mounted outside Canada
July 2012
The Hunter Artist
In Cape Dorset, Nunavut, a new generation is redefining Inuit art, preserving northern traditions as it adapts to southern ways of life. One of these artists is Tim Pitsiulak
June 2012
The Pragmatic Prophet
A new retrospective mines the sweet sadness and apocalyptic visions of William Kurelek
January 2012
Unfinished Business
Jack Chambers died of leukemia in 1978, leaving behind an incomplete painting he had worked on for over a decade. The mystery of his masterpiece, Lunch
January 2011
Memento Mirmy
The boneyard aesthetic of Vancouver’s Mirmy Winn
November 2010
What Tom Thomson Saw
In the summer of 1914, the aspiring painter paddled to a tiny island on Georgian Bay and discovered the Canada of our imagination
July 2010
Big Game Hunter
Battered by controversy, the director of the National Gallery of Canada goes art shopping in Holland
March 2010
The National Gallery’s acquisition of Voice of Fire created a massive controversy. Could it happen today?
January 2010
The Earthling
An illustrated series
December 2009
Schematic Diagrams for Proposed Objects
An illustrated series
October 2009
The Secret
The Group of Seven’s infatuation with the occult mysticism of Madame Blavatsky
June 2009
Man with a Movie Camera
Canada’s Mark Lewis launches an ambitious (and expensive) project for the Venice Biennale
December 2007
The Garden of Subjection
For Vancouver pioneer Jeff Wall, politics and beauty do mix
October 2005
Between the Cross and the Jewish Graveyard
After decades in a fiery cultural forge, Polish art emerged sharp and beautiful. But have the country’s ghosts returned to dull the edge?
June 2005
Trauma Mama
Angry, eloquent, fragile, native artist Rebecca Belmore takes her new work to the Venice Biennale
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